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Rx300 door replacement help

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Wife damaged front and rear passenger doors on a Cornish stone wall. Instead of repairing cheaper to replace with in colour from a scapyard. Would they need to be coded to the vehicle or is it just a direct swap? Any tips much appreciated.

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Hi @GCP the viability of a direct swap will depend on whether you have children and how much maintenance you're willing to pay. I would suggest that when using these "scrapyards" to shop for a new wife you might wish to avoid mentioning a colour preference as that might not elicit positive results 😉

Jokes aside, I don't think they'll be coded, what do you have in the doors other than the window controls? Those are just switches I think.


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I think the wife will have to be on an exchange basis! 
Doors have window switches but also the door locks -presumably operated by local modules and the car’s computer. That’s the bit I’m thinking would need to be coded. But it’s a guess as I know nothing. If it’s a case of simply bolting replacement doors onto the hinges I could probably manage that. 

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The paint code is located on the VIN plate normally located on the bottom of the passenger side B pillar and consists of a 3 digit code, I would confirm any potential donor vehicles have the same code to ensure the correct colour is purchased.

Bear in mind however that there may still be slight variations in colour due to varying paint ageing.

As for as electronic coding they should be plug and play, the only lock would be the front passenger door but personally with remote locking and the existing driver’s door lock I wouldn’t bother changing it.


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just thinking aloud really ...  is this a potential insurance claim maybe ?

that might take care of all your fixing and colour worries if it could be 


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