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Is200 1g-fe timing issue, for the diy-guys!

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Hey! So I am reviewing the repair manual before starting the job. It says to time the cam pulley to 60* btdc, and right before removing the belt it says align the crank pulley timing with the protrusion of the timing belt case and mark it.

Now does this mean I still need to rotate the engine after setting it to 60 btdc or does it mean to mark it the crank gear as it is to stay in place.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have the manual in my native language (Finnish) so I need a bit help, all help is appreciated!

attached is a screenshot of the manual.CCA4093D-9DAD-4044-979A-75E654EA0327.thumb.jpeg.f41844cb553fabbe20aa903b274e593c.jpeg

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Before you remove the timing belt you must verify the timing marks of the engine. 

Set the crankshaft pulley against the mark as outlined in the manual but make sure all the intake and exhaust valves of cylinder No1 are closed ( piston No1 on compression stroke. ) If the valves of No1 cylinder are not all closed, rotate the engine one revolution clockwise and re align the crankshaft pulley mark as outlined in the manual. 

Both camshaft marks should now be aligned against their corresponding fixed reference marks. There marks are always available and you should find them before you attempt to remove the timing belt.

The camshaft in question is set to 60 degrees btdc relevant to the crankshaft position. Normally the cranshaft is always set to tdc. 

Take fotos of all the marks so you have no doubt how to time the engine.

The attached diagrams are not clear and illegible so I cannot read them and comment.



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Is there another way of checking the valves, rather than opening the top of the engine and seeing the camshaft (that it is not pressing the valves)?

Because I wouldn’t want to change the top cover seal after removing it.

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Yes, remove the spark plug on the No.1 cylinder and gently lower a long screwdriver into the spark plug hole until it is sitting on top of the piston.

Turn the crank pulley nut and watch for the screwdriver rising up indication a rising piston then align the crank pulley marks, then check the camshaft pulley marks.

If both the crank and cam pulley marks now align correctly you are on compression however if the cam pulley is misaligned you are on exhaust and the engine needs turning over another complete revolution.

Don’t forget to remove the screwdriver!

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Thanks guys. I’ve done this cambelt service on a Mazda and a VW before but they both had the timing marks exactly on the tdc in the 1st cyl (when the screw driver is on it’s highest point) but this whole 60* btdc thing threw me off guard.
Anyway I got everything I needed now thank you for the help.

And if anybody got anymore tips or warnings from earlier experience, would be glad to receive it! Thanks again.

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