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I like how they always blow everything out of proportions - "high performance" cars, driver who did not care for passenger (as if passenger was abducted and there against their will), on the busy road (surely, one can't reach 100MPH on busy road).

Obviously, drivers were not the smartest - racing and then filming your crime for social media... sounds like bunch of idiots.

Could have simply said "driver failed to choose appropriate speed, lost control and that resulted in passenger death". Sentencing was kind of ok, bit much for my liking but not excessive. From my point of view, as Toyota driver I would have admitted to speeding, but not racing and fought for simple 3points + fine, because speed is hard to prove from video. For the driver who crashed 1 year jail probably would have been more appropriate, but in this country we hate drivers so he got 3... some like some rapist and more than drug dealers. 

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