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Front grill needs a tidy up.  Looking for tips and inspiration. Do I keep the same colour or has anyone tried a different colour that looks good? 

Thank you in advance.




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This is my first LS400 that had a dark grey grille which I took out and sprayed it silver. The photo isn't great but it really did lift it. It's fairly easy to remove on the 430.



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The grille on my LS400 is dark grey, which seems to be the standard colour. When I get around to painting it I will probably use Lexus's paint code UCA31 (Dark Grey), which is the colour of the lower plastic panels on my black car, and which may or may not be the existing grille colour.

You could always add a bit of bling!


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On 2/7/2022 at 9:05 AM, BigBoomer said:

Do a google search for "LS430 grille" and select the Images option. Plenty of ideas there.
Sprayed, chromed, de-badged, mesh, etc.

I did a search and found a few posts on here about the subject.  A few members have gone for satin black which looks neat. 

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