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Have enjoyed around 6-8 months worth of daily driving the LS, wafting about is so damn relaxing, except the refuelling bit, 99 Esso is an eye-watering price!

Workshop is around 2-3 weeks from completion, so the restoration can soon begin!

However, it would seem it knows it is going in for repair, it just doesn't want me to take the key out!!! I have a singular key so cannot make a comparison with another to see if it is the key being dodge or the barrel. Putting key in and starting is no issue, but switching car off and trying to remove key is proving tricky. The only way I can get it out is turning the car off, then restarting and immediately turning it off, key releases everytime.

Any similar experiences or insight from others? Fingers crossed it lasts!

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Probably the barrel mechanism rather than the key. I imagine on your vehicle there is a solenoid that stops the key being removed unless the transmission is in Park? That solenoid is probably sticking.

As a quick fix try putting some graphite power on the key and working into the lock - although I'm not sure if that will end up getting into the solenoid or not. If not then you need to take the cowling off and remove the barrel to see if you can lubricate it.


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11 hours ago, hockeyedwards said:

Lube it is! I'll get the KY out 😆

Will try the quick fix and give it a more detailed look in a couple of weeks.

I'm trying to remember .  long while back I think I had a similar issue ......  and it wasn't the key or the lock, it was me just not getting the steering wheel quite right, maybe on a " lock " or summat .  but it did free up and I've never had that issue arise again 

maybe I'm talking a load of tosh with this BUT I do remember such ..........  it might have been on any one of my three Lss' of course over a couple of decades or so ..... I'll put my thinking cap on and come back here if I discover that bit of my brain cell that's captured this thought :unsure:


or it might of course have been on another car marque .  I'll think a bit about it 

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