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Advice please pro con Mud flaps

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I have a new New
Lexus NX 
350h 2.5 5dr E-CVT [Premium Pack/Lexus link pro]
136 g/km
Special metallic - Sonic grey arriving May  🤞   Advice please pros  cons Mud flaps  
Thank you all in advanced

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I currently have a 2018MY NX which I specified with mud flaps all round and I believe they have helped in keeping the bodywork clean and I think enhance the appearance of the car. 

I have a new 450h+ on order and have again specified the fitting of mud flaps. 

Not cheap addition but they are robust and in my opinion worth it. 

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I'd say yes.
I added OEM mud flaps after buying my 2020, I wish I had specced them at the time of collection.
They seem to suit the chunky SUV type vehicle and keep most of the crud from flicking on to the paintwork under the rear bumper, which accumulates very quickly due to the curve in design exposing the tire under the car.  

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On 2/6/2022 at 10:29 PM, Don C said:

I always fit them.  If they only help to reduce some of the crap flung up the sides they’re worth it.  Quite easy to fit so don’t pay the £197 or whatever daft sum they are advertised at.  Victor demonstrates!

I see that the 2022 versions are easier to fit than the 2020, and no hole drilling needed, which is good

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