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Dean dont bother mate we will keep them to ourselves :winky:  :lol:

ya have anyway! :P

y cant they be emailed if theyre that small?

Because Dean can only send 1 meg of e-mail and all of the clips are over that,some are 2 meg :P.........oh well unlucky you :lol:

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i thought u were ftp'ing them to matt mcnally?

can u compress them and email them?

zipping would be useless as video is compressed anyway,, you would save bugger all

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ok.. here is the deal pete.. ask dean to email me one of the vids mate and we will see if it arrives

Steve i know nothing about IT mate,he can only send 1meg so how does he send 2meg clips then?....but i'll pass your request on mate.

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we will have seen the monster on the road before we see the vid

Not me and Dean :P :P

I did give the offer of you guys coming round my house.....but nobody took it up :lol::lol:

yeah im gonna take you up on that offer at some point mate.

when im in the area!

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If he's using Outlook Express or something like that you can usually configure a maximum message size (like say 500k) and the software will then break up anything that comes in bigger than that..

Remember that when you send an email the SMTP servers can't handle binary so convert everything to another format (8bit -> 7bit) which means that you get a ~30% increase in size.....

If he's using webmail like Hotmail or something like that then he could use a program like HJSplit - basically it chops a file up into pieces names 002 etc then the person at the other end runs HJSplit and puts it all back together again...

Should do the jobby and makes things easier if there are any FTP probs (maybe the file was transferred in ASCII mode and not BINary?)

Could even use any of the chat programs as most of them let you send files nowadays.

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PM me and I will give you an email addy you can send to steve with, its web based and dead easy to use.

all you have to do is click a browse button on the webpage to attach the files and then send them to steve.......

Very simple guys

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Geesh just pm me and I will give you a WEB BASED email account which means you go to a webpage and send an email through it.

Lets not confuse people with winrar and stuff guys keep it simple or it will never be done.

Here is a guide to send the files:

Goto : Here to Webmail

Type in this account number : pt35672917-3

Type in this password which you will have to pm me for......

Click "Compose An Email"

In The "Recipient Box" type the email addy you want to send a mail to (Eg:

In the "Subject Box" type anything (Eg: Video!)

Click the browse button to attach the file, this will open another window whith which you can browse your computer for the video files.

Attach the files by clicking "Attach to Email"

And then Click Send.

Even an idiot could use it and there are NO size limitations. So come on lets get it sorted.........

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