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Vibration In Sixth Gear Around 60mph

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IS200LE, picked up new Nov 2003, and from start has had vibration in 6th GEAR ONLY at 57 - 63 mph. The vibration is just like poor wheel balance but only happens in 6th gear! Dealers (Lexus Guildford) have been very good, always providing a courtesy car, and have tried hard to find cause several times. They now have had car for a week now trying without success.

Can't tell what vibration is in sympathy with because Lexus do not quote gear ratios or back-axle ratio but seems to be 40 or 50 Hz. It is not severe but bad enough for passengers to say "what the **** that" when I put it into 6th at the speeds where it happens. Its a shame because it really spoils an otherwise great car.

Any ideas?

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Best thing to do is get them to put a new set of wheels / tyres on from a courtesy car and try that, if that don't fix it possibly propshaft out of balance.

Are you sure it doesn't do it in any other gear at that speed?

i was about to say prop shaft,my tranny was lined up wrong after a new clutch,shook like mad.

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