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Installed TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

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I got my hands on a set of 19" ISF wheels. So I figured seeing as i'm going to be putting new rubbers on I would install a Android based TPMS system to hook up to my factory navigation screen via my Grom VLine2. It works with any android based system.

I purchased the version of the sensors that have a removable body cover on the sensor sealed by a gasket to be able to change the battery. The non-changable battery versions are cheaper seeing as they are completely sealed. I didn't want to be changing sensors when battery died. So instead opted for these. The TPMS sensor itself screws itself into the inside of the valve stem. I bought the kit for £45 and also purchased enough gaskets and replacement valve stems to last a lifetime.

Some may be thinking, what's the point. Isn't it just pointless and more headache maintaining the valves and sensors. The only inconvenience I see is probably at the time of a tyre change, I just have to make sure the tyre shop knows about the sensor and I have enough new stems and service kits anyway. But the benefits are way more. I can now be lazy and just check the pressure from the screen 🙂. Gone are the days where I have to visually look then if it looks odd then get the gauge out to measure pressure.

The sensors are designed to save battery and therefore the way they work is as follows:

If sensor does not detect movement for 10-15mins, it will enter a sleep mode. At this time the sensor is saving maximum battery power. It will only wake-up again when either it detects movement or if pressure drops below 2 or 3 psi from last value.

I've posted some pics below (note: my pressure readings are a bit high because that's after a long drive)






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Well done Ahmed you seem to be gradually getting your IS250 to where you want it to be with all your subtle modifications 👍👍

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