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Rear rotors

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Hi I've come across like a dilema. My car is a 2013 Lexus IS300H 2.5 Petrol Hybrid RWD premier 2 trimm.

So I have currently Vented Rotors on the rear I've never changed them and I'm not sure the size, by looking of the sites of parts in Ireland it says 290mm Rotors but they mostly come in Solid and I think it won't fit on my calipers. Other sites say 310mm Rear vented rotors will fit on 300H when I put in the reg plate. Is there a possibility how to measure the Rotors that is on the car?

I wanted to get Mtech rotors as the price is way better and honestly looks cool as well. Front I'm getting a 334mm 62.5mm Centering. it's rotor for GS Advics system since I'm planing on putting on 4 piston calipers on the front as they are directly bolt on. So my question is how to know if I have 290mm Vented rare or 310mm Vented?

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From what I can tell there is no 310 mm option. Just 290 mm, either vented or solid.



At the age of your vehicle 310 mm was only used outside of Europe on some of the non hybrid models, specifically the IS350.

At the late 2015 facelift the 310 mm was standard on all non 300h models, even in Europe.

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