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Hi all,


My water pump was replaced under warranty about 10 years ago.

As the car will be going in for a the rad replacement is it worth getting another water pump - i cant find any info regarding the service life?

Any help or guidance will be great.


Thank you



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I have no idea of your set-up or the complexity of change BUT on our beloved Ls400s we change the cambelt and waterpump at 100k miles / 10 years ......  it's a big big job with ours sadly ...

I've changed waterpumps on other marques whrere the complexity just hasn't been there thankfully

Hope someone brings you the definitive answer soon


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I would do it for sure but maybe that is because i learned it the hard way years ago when a pump stopped working on my BMW ( after 54k km....) engine running red hot steam everywhere and pump needed to be replaced including all hoses/pipework. Then its hoping the engine did not overheat too much/long otherwise it could have damaged the heads/cylinders. Needless to say i got rid of the car. On the other hand yours is a Lexus....

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I don’t think there is a defined service life on water pumps.

Your pump was replaced under warranty after just 4 years and this one is still OK after 10 years, my now sold 1994 Celsior still had it’s original after 26 years.

It would certainly be easier to replace whilst the radiator is out of the way but given it’s serpentine belt driven not cam belt driven it’s not a major strip down to replace it later if it fails.

A visual inspection would reveal any seepage from the gasket and bearing seals, a rock and spin on the pulley any bearing play or noise and I would imagine given Lexus quality the impeller won’t just fall off the shaft like some other lesser makes of car.

LPD do have them discounted if you go ahead and replace it.


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Sorry for the delay ive been beyond busy! 

Right checked the paperwork was replaced in 2016 around 40kmiles ago.

I had a look at earlier and couldnt see any coolant residue.

I think its best to leave it for its next major service?

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