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Bonnet Release Catch Replacement - Done

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It's amazing how broken the under bonnet. plastic bonnet release can be and still function.

The plastic becomes brittle over time and just gives up. I've avoided attempting the replacement over the colder months as there's nothing worse than frozen fingers butter-fingering a bolt and dropping it into the deepest recesses and inky blackness of the engine bay. 

It's an easy swap out.

I bought the new part (bracket 53540-30010) from Amayama: genuine part from Japan at an amazing cost of £27.00 all in. The bolts I bought from Lexus Parts in Swindon.

I had to tear away and break apart the old unit. I didn't realise the mounting bracket it is fixed to is plastic too otherwise I would have taken more care. But no damage done. This left the bolts with their very stuck screw collars in place. I could then hold the collar in place with vice grips and undo the 10mm bolts. I could not get purchase on them any other way and the collar inserts just rotated inside the remnants of the handle.

I attached the handle to the metal rod first as it as was easier. Then offered up the unit to the mounting bracket. Fitted and tightened up the bolts and job done. 

That was it.

Happy motoring!











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