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Possible New Sc430 Owner


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Ok people, am on the new toy hunt again.

Having purchased my first Lexus last year (New IS200SE A) I am thinking of getting shot of the Z4 - nice as it is, it's just not that special.

Thus, am thinking of a newish SC430? Any views? What do you love and what do you hate about them?

Please let me know.



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Im not really that keen on them

they look great with the lid down

but im not so sure about it with the lid up.

If you want something really special go for the LS430

more toys than you can shake a stick at

and you can actually get people with legs in the back :lol:

there was a video kicking about the other day on here which showed the toys in the LS

wow is all i can say

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Loves & Hates!

Having been a Porsche person for over 20 years, I bought a new SC430 three months ago to replace my BMW 8 series as an every-day car. Kept the 8, for now, just in case!

My SC loves are - exclusivity (yet to see another one on the road), looks, power, great sat/nav and sound system, best folding tin top there is, plus all the extra goodies like heated seats, wood/leather interior & steering wheel etc.

I have no hates as such, but would have preferred - a steptronic option rather than pure auto, slightly more positive handling and a more discernable exhaust note.

Overall I'm delighted with the car - the Lexus customer care is second to none and I certainly won't be tempted to return to Porsche. The newer SC's have normal tyres (replacing run-flats) and a modified suspension which improves the ride.

Suggest you test drive one as soon as possible.


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