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Nine years ago, when I replaced my 400 with a 460, I realised that servicing and component replacement on the newer machine would be more expensive than on the 400. The added complexity of the 460 was another factor I considered but decided that, for me, the 460 was the way to go.

One of the differences in the 460 (and the 430) is that it has a conventional exhaust system (unlike the stainless steel system fitted on the 400, which is virtually bombproof - except for the odd flange which can rust badly.)  Over the years, I've wondered how long my exhaust would last and was pleased to note that I hadn't read of any 430's with exhaust problems.  With my car at 15 years old and 120,000 miles I was a happy bunny!

Ever since I've had the car, after a 'full to the brim' refuel, the CRUISING RANGE display on the dash has indicated between 710 and 725kms. About 6 weeks ago, I noticed that number was dropping and eventually, after a refuel, it was reading 650kms. I suspected a sensor problem somewhere and determined to take it into the dealer at some point. Then I started to hear an exhaust 'burble'. Obviously, not in the car......the soundproofing is too good for that......but with a window open.  I took it to the dealer, who told me that the front left silencer box was split.  To fit a replacement would cost about £450. I have to admit that the price was a pleasant surprise; I'd checked on the internet and the prices were eye-watering.

When they removed the split box, they found that the cause of the split was damage to the front of the box. I had, obviously, hit something while driving which had weakened the box. Eventually, the weakness led to the split. The only possible explanation I can think of is when I drove into the water-filled bomb crater (large pot hole) on a visit to Scotland, This was the same pot hole which destroyed one of my front wheel bearings. 

The servicing guys did a complete check on the rest of the exhaust and said there are no problems whatsoever. So I still don't know how long an LS460 exhaust will last under normal circumstances. 

The only preventative measure I can think of is to NOT visit Scotland.....but that could be awkward, as our families live there.😀

And the CRUISING RANGE reading is back to normal.


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