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I have decided to keep my Lexus LS460!

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Some of you would have seen me have a little wobble and was recently thinking of selling my LS460, having had more of a look out there to see what is about for the money and in speaking with a couple of club members I really have realised that these are great cars and show real value for money.

Mine has cost very little in repairs and servicing and been extremely reliable and comfortable, it was suggested by my wife that me having 3 cars was a bit excessive so I thought I would try and sell one, I just picked the wrong one ! so if you know anyone who wants to but a Mercedes slk280 2006 with 45k on the clock I could be ya man!

So I had a couple of hours this afternoon and sat back and thought what would I do to extend the pleasure of owning the LS460 and thought the two bumpers could have a respray and as the MOT highlighted some wear in the front top suspension bushes I would renew these. I have been on the phone with PSB in Bournemouth and they have been most helpful so now I have bought all 12 bushes for the front so will report back as to the effect of this once my garage has fitted them. I was quite impressed as they say they make poly bushes as an alternative to standard and not as, many other manufacturers do, for performance. That along with the recent 4 new Michelin's I added should give me an MOT without any advisories and a car that should be good for another 80K miles.

Thanks to all those who contributed to settling my wobble I look forward to contributing to the board for a while yet.


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On 3/30/2022 at 5:23 PM, PJ Murphy said:

 poly bushes as an alternative to standard

I think Poly Bushes need to be re-greased every few years, otherwise you get a squeaky car..

Rubber v. Poly

My nephew who is forever fiddling with his cars, reckons rubber is best unless opertating in extreme environments that eat rubber (whatever they are)


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Just collected my car today after having the sway bar and top suspension arms bushes renewed with the PSB Polly replacements and very happy with the result. A better feel and a more planted ride which brings back the magic carpet feel. Well worth doing and now a clean bill of health on the next MOT (I hope!)

PS bushes are supplied with special lube so this far no squeaks, lets see what happens in a year or so's time!

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