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Would it be possible to update my 2005 GS300's Mark Levinson Stereo with a unit from post 2008, which would presumably give me the option of an Aux In, or even USB from post 2010? Graphics seem considerably better on the newer models too.

Or is there a Grom option that is confirmed to work with the ML units? There seems to be some conflicting information.


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Yes, I have tried two dealerships. One of which couldn't help, the other said they would endeavour to find out.

And yes... I tried Google. Thanks for your helpful suggestion though.

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3 minutes ago, Initial P said:

I used a Grom unit in my GS3 57 plate with ML.

Thanks. Have since installed a Grom, which works pretty good, though there's a significant volume drop. Is yours noticeably lower in volume compared to the system CD player?

Would still be interested in updating the actual unit though. The display in my 2007 IS250's ML is a considerable improvement. Did your 07 ML have an Aux In?


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I no longer have the car but found the volume very load on the bluetooh audio much loader than my current ML system.

It didn't have the AUX in as I think that came on 08 models so I missed it by 6 months.

I think by 10 or 11 plates they had bluetooth audio & got rid of the cassette.

GS4 has USB, AUX & BT audio.

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