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No sound after I blew up the head unit.

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This is driving me mad. I've got a 2007 RX400H and I took out the tape deck and put a touchscreen Android unit in.

It was working fine until my son bought one for his car and wanted to test mine in his.

I  took it out, it worked fine in his car then put it back into mine, to find there was a black screen and nothing worked.

It turns out I'd blown it up somehow,

So, I bought another one and fitted that. It all works except there was no sound.

After checking the fuse, which are a b***h to reach, I did the thing on display 3x top and bottom left to see the AMP was showing NCON.

Another few hours on google told me I must've blown the amp too so I got another one eBay only to find I still have AMP NCON and no sound !!!!

Can anyone give me a clue on where else I can look?




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Hi Ross

in the LS430 there is a seperate fuse for the amplifier located in the drivers side footwell - maybe you need to double check the fuses to ensure no blown fuse specifically for the amp.

The fuse is easily blown when taking out the head unit without disconnecting the battery - as I found out


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Its a right hand drive RX400H 2007.

I checked the fuses under the engine bay, and above the passenger feet (Left side of car).

Is there another hidden fuse box I don't know about?

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