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LS430 revs dropping / stalling in hot weather

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Couple of times my 2004 LS430's revs have dropped when slowing down, way below 1 and on the brink of stalling, when I apply the throttle, the gear engages with a "thump", - this has only happened a couple of times, - it was very warm weather at the time, although this may be unrelated.  Just wondering if anyone had any ideas of what might be the issue?  Many thanks

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Off the cuff…probs nothing serious…there are solenoids for adjusting to air con demands and an idle valve. Might be one of these. Any codes thrown?
Usual basics apply ensuring no vacuum leaks, good air filter, clean MAF and throttle body (usually ok to 100k miles without touching).

MAF failures usually cause stalling and disconnecting the unit runs ok…

What mileage are you at?

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Phil just thinking ......  this is a similar age old problem with the Mk3 Ls400 ....  never the Mk1,2 or 4 it seems

I'm thinking someone or several with a Mk3 Ls400 posted up their solutions too .....  somewhere here


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