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Annual service/ MOT time of year...

Recommended Posts it's that time of year for me; MOT and Servicing for our 3 cars: Wifes Mercedes SLK...looks lovely built like crap, all done no real issues...Porsche 911...replaced brake fluid and bleed nipples x8 one snapped as the fixings on these are all made from chocolate and this is a garage queen...never driven in the wet!


...Is250...MOT ...perfect and my indy owner says to me what incredible condition its in...even sticks it on the ramp to show me the underside which I've not seen...serviced, no issues...check,clean and lube all brake  slider issues all as smooth and clean as a pin...bloody fantastic build quality on these cars!!!


...everything just works, truly impressive...

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The longer you own a Lexus, the more you appreciate how good they are. Talking to owners of other manufacturers also makes you appreciate Lexus levels of reliability.

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You don’t get older without getting wiser!

I should have got a 250 years ago, by far the best car I have ever had😀 but with son’s 335i and daughters Fiat 500 my tools ain’t gonna go rusty any time soon🙄

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