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Is300 good independent in Bristol

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Hi I’ve just bought a lovely is300 and am looking for an independent garage in Bristol to have a look at it. Would be very grateful of any help. Thanks Tony 

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Hi Tony,

Welcome to the forum.

I guess no one knows an independent garage they can recommend Bristol way. (I am in Cheshire so no help).

Was the car bought through a dealer, is their something you want advice with?

Enjoy your new car, they are great.



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When it comes to inspection, the Lexus dealer is to be honest best for that. If you don't trust the dealer you bought it from for some reason (like being financially interested not to find anything), then just go to another dealer. For example Lexus Reading sold me RC with very worn out brakes which they deemed to be "okay", but when I took it to Lexus Woodford they right away told me that brakes have to be replaced ASAP and Lexus Reading ended-up replacing all brakes for free.

When it comes to servicing it is mostly the same deal, independent garages are very unlikely to offer you better price as Lexus servicing price is very competitive, besides you could still get warranty until 2025 if you car is under 100k. If you car is over 100k miles then I would try to ask for "essential care" service, which officially no longer provided, but many dealers still offer this, the difference being that essential care does not provide "relax" warranty. For example I was able to get essential care service in December for £160, no independent can beat such price for car servicing.

Sorry, for not answering your question directly as I don't know any independent garages around Bristol, but the fact is - I don't know any independent garages I would trust.. period. And therefore I do not consider that using independent with Lexus is really beneficial at all in comparison with other makes.  

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Agree with Linas as above and also:

Lexus (through the dealers) have a hybrid health check that offers 15 year unlimited mileage warranty on the Battery if done every 10k miles / 12 months (whichever comes sooner) - free with a service or something like £60 if done separately.

If servicing the car at Lexus you get the free Relax Warranty up to 100k miles / 10 years (whichever comes first) but in addition after that you can pay for a 10 Year Plus Extended Warranty (also for under 10 years old but over 100k miles) that is around £500 a year (it can be paid monthly interest free and includes Lexus breakdown cover worth around £130 which would be extra under the free Relax Warranty) and can be renewed until the car is 15 years or 150k miles old (whichever comes first) - the car has to be serviced at a Lexus dealer to the maintenance schedule for this to be valid though. 

If you use Lexus dealers for servicing you can also take out a service plan that fixes your service costs for eg 2 years and you can pay for it monthly. 

Depending on how you acquired the car and it's history it may need a full Lexus service / inspection before some of the above can be put in place, but sounds like you are looking at doing something like this anyway. 

A few more things there to consider depending on your own views and appetite for risk etc. 

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