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Engine bay undertray question/favour

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Could I ask one of my fellow ES owners to have a look at their engine bay undertray? No crawling on the floor required. Just looking from the top down as shown in the picture below, from the driver's side. Do you see a couple of holes and a small sliver of a gap where you can see the garage floor through?

Reason I ask, is I don't remember seeing those before, and it just went in for it's first service. Just want to make sure if it's just me not paying attention, or if they forgot to properly reattach it.

Thank you all.



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Thank you James. Much appreciated. So, put on some dirty clothes and lay on the ground to have a look and compare to our friend viktor too (see youtube below). Looks normal from underneath, everything in its place. I must have missed it before, bad lighting...etc.

However, I think they may changed the undertray shape for 2021 to expose the front mid jack point. My tray is perfectly formed around the mid jack point. It's not like there's a piece missing, or it's misclipped or anything and that is where the light you can see in my image above is coming from. Can't see it in your images, or even on the one viktor is working on. Mind you it might be out of shot in both image and video 🤷‍♂️.

Didn't think to take images while down there, but anyway there was barely enough space for my shoulder and a flashlight. Oh for a proper car lift at home.


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Found another of viktor's videos and you can see the jackpoint at the time point I copied the video at 0:34 at the bottom of the video frame.


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