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B***** Hell !


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Just seen this on AOL News

Former TV presenter Caron Keating died last night after losing her battle with breast cancer, family friend Peter Powell said today.

The former Blue Peter presenter and daughter of Gloria Hunniford was 42.

A statement issued by Keating's family this morning said that her death had left an "unfilled void''.

The family said: "At 6.15pm last night, broadcaster Caron Keating sadly lost her seven-year battle against cancer, a battle that she fought with enormous courage, tenacity and optimism.

"She passed away at her mother's home in Sevenoaks, in Kent, surrounded by her family.''

She was the mother of two boys, Charlie, aged nine, and seven-year-old Gabriel, and was wife to Russ Lindsay.

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I read it yesterday as well it shocked me.

I think it hit me as so many of you that she was someone who we grew up with, just goes to show we must live life to the full as you don't know what is around the corner!

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I agree with Maria's comment re living life to the full. Mrs W was diagnosed with B/Cancer 3 years ago.She has been through the usual treatments @ Christie Hospital together with surgery etc. She was clear for 3 years & then received news the week B4 Xmas that it had returned in the form of bone cancer.

She is back on the treatment routine & keeping her chin up. A lot can be said for keeping positive. The point of this ramble is that if you want to do something then go ahead & do it. It was for this reason that we bought our Lexus GS300 as we had always promised ourselves we would buy one & we thought " its' our rainy day money so lets do it."

There are a lot of people out there with these types of health problems so keep your chins up & battle on.

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I am glad that you and your wife have taken that route and enjoying the Lex

My mother-in-law was one for when I retire I do it ........ always worked hard never had the holidays cause that was for when they retired only problem was she never retired she died at 54.

It has made a big difference to our lives, if we can afford it we do it!

Don't put it off till tomorrow.

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