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Anyone set up a new business recently?

have you recieved a letter from DCS?

Based in scotland, the company claims if you do not register your detials with them it is agianist certian acts and your could face a fine of £5'000.

Filled in the form and got to the bit about a £95 payment, searched the net and found it sweet FA. :angry:

Just warning peeps in advance, dont waste time on filling up this form!!!

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As Gus says, a load of rubbish. I think it would be a nice idea to send them in return bogus County Court Summons :P

unforetunetly I havent got that much time of my hands,


I've thrown the :tsktsk: envelope away :angry:

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Was it a 'You need to register your company under the Data Protection Act' letter?

this isn't necessarily a 'scam'

there is a requirement for business to register under the data protection act in certain circumstances.

the 'shady' nature of this deal is that these companies charge £90+ to fill in a simple forum and send the £30 fee it costs to register.

obviously - there advetrtising is mis-leading, they are preying on peoples misunderstanding of an area that can be difficult to understand - and personally I find their business practises immoral - but it is not necessarily a 'scam' as such.

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I had one sometime last year, I checked it with my accountant who very kindly asked me to give it to them and they passed it to the police.

It did give me a bit of a scare as setting up your own business can and is a worrying thing at the best of times without these scammers telling you that you could get fined for not registering.

I think you only need to register with the data protection act if you keep a data base of all your customer details, I may be wrong but I know we did not need to register at the time.

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