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I'm Transitioning To Bt - Are They Any Good?


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Come the 1st July I will be a BT man.

I currently work for EDS in a Voice Solutions(telephony etc.) team creating/enhancing government contact centres.

I had been waiting for months till today to find out if my team would go to CGEY or BT and today the news came we will become BT.

I think we'll be part of BT Global Services.

So anyone got positive or negative views on working for BT?

Any good benefits :whistling:

Or do you know someone that works for BT?

Any responses much appreciated :)

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We transitioned from Royal Mail to CSC last year, and our network & firewall support transitioned into BT Global Services.

Since you're working for EDS already I'm assuming that things are going to be pretty similar to be honest, the red tape is everywhere you look and it's a pain in the ****. Same as any big company.

The lads who TUPE'd into BT seem happy enough to be honest, there's a big wide world out there and if you're into networks then BT are going to have a lot that need looking after!

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Moved all our data services from BT to MCI last year (huge cost savings, and service improvements). Currently negotiating to move all our voice services too.

Got too frustrated with BT's lack of account management - they only started to call when we initiated the migration!!

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