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*Lorry driver driving through Essex. Stops at a red light, and a


> > pulls up behind him, the door opens and a woman gets out, runs up


> > the door and knocks on his window.

> > The lorry driver lowers the window and the woman says: "Hi, my


> > Heather, you're losing your load from your lorry"

> > The lorry driver grunts and winds his window back up and as the


> > change he pulls away, only to get caught at the next set of


> > where the woman again knocks on the window, gets him to lower it

and as if

> > it never happened says:

> > "Hi, my name's Heather, you'! re losing your load from your lorry"


> > again rolls his eyes and pulls away as the lights change..... once

again he

> > gets caught by the lights and he sees her running up once more. She


> > knocks on the window, he lowers it and again she comes out with:

> > "Hi, my name's Heather, you're losing your load from your lorry"


> > says something rather rude under his breath and roars away from the


> > shaking his head.

> > He swears like mad as he sees the next set of lights turning red


> > the woman's car tearing up behind him. Before she can get out he


> > open his door, jumps down and legs it back to her car. She rolls

her window

> > down as he knocks and he says:

> > "Hi, my name's Dave, and I'm driving a f**king gritter!!!"*

> > **

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