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Meguiars Ultimate Wipe!

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I think they do different ones for different purposes like drying, polishing etc.

I've ordered one of the Ulitmate Wipe polishing cloths to see what that's like but I've used one of the Meguiars terry towels and that is great for using on the car, I've binned the Halfords ones as they made a right state of the car.

I'm assuming that it's designed just for polishing as that's what it's listed as on - they do a separate microfibre cloth for drying.

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microfibre cloth are for drying.

Ulitmate Wipe are for polishing.

and i dont even need to use the terry towels, those 2 itmes above are the best i had used, and i will never use anythings else on my car now, that how good they are.... :) :) :) :) :)

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I've ordered a meguiers terry towel.... will need to see how it is...

Aido, i take it one towel did not do the 3 stages did it?? I still have my car plan towels :lol:

ultimate polishing towel £9.99 seems a tad expensive if you will have to buy 3 of them :duh:

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You might get away with one but I've bought some more now just in case! They recommend you use more than one and I can't fault the results you get with separate ones.

The Halfords one's were very co**** in comparison to the megs terry towel - might be I jus bought a dodgy pack (they're about face flannel size where the megs towel is more like a bath towel in size?!

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