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The European Constitution


Should the UK adopt the European Constitution?  

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  1. 1. Should the UK adopt the European Constitution?

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    • Poke It
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voted poke it...........

here you go........

Mrs E is Romanian.......went there on holiday for 10 days last week.......

they will join in 2007.

to join they must bring prices in line with the rest of the EU aside from all the b(%^$£")&!"t .

so petrol (they produce there own) now 50p a litre must rise to 75p a next year !! however pensions etc remain at 50 euros a month for all !!

sad thing is (like us) they could be self sufficient and stuff the french & german bureacats.............

BTW nothing against french or german people

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Is the PM right to change his mind on a referendum?

86% Yes 3,072

9% No 309

5% Don't know 194

Total votes: 3,575

How will you vote in a referendum?

70% Against the EU constitution 2,544

19% For the EU constitution 682

10% Don't know yet 361

2% Don't plan to vote 65

Total votes: 3,652

Should Britain leave the EU?

52% Yes 1,912

39% No 1,419

9% Not sure 320

Total votes: 3,651

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That doesn't sound too promising looking at those figures!!!

Judging by the economy (or at least the rate of the Euro) you'd think they were thriving yet when you look at the countries with the Euro most hate it and are in a bit of a state - weren't the German's even reported as wanting to go back to the Mark?

A lot of it is just a bunch of politicians on a power trip thinking that the same rules will work for everyone - that's just not the case and it's all getting too silly in regards to political correctness so it's going down the ****ter.

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Well, if this is indicative of the mood of the nation, it looks like our glorious leader is in for a long overdue kicking.

Maybe he has a cunning plan :whistling:

be interested to see how the ? is phrased.............could also ask about the euro as well :whistling:

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