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Sport Mad


Are we really as sport mad as 'they' think we are?  

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  1. 1. Are we really as sport mad as 'they' think we are?

    • Yep; start at the back pages and stop at the car ads.
    • Yep; back pages and centre pull-outs as well.
    • Nope; start at the front, chuck out the centre pull-outs, and stop at the advice page.
    • Yep; but don't read newspapers.
    • Sport? only the sex olympics, thanks.

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aren't we a funny lot? if you click on a 'poll & survey' topic, and read it, as 70 have done at this time, why would 50 odd members not bother to just tick one box before leaving the topic? if you look at the 'P & S' threads, most are treated in the same way.

nowt as queer as folk, as my old dad used to say! :P

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There's no option for 'start at page 3, finish at page 3'

Thing is, 'sport' encompasses a lot. Papers only do football, cricket, rugby, horse racing, and not much else.

No interest in those, but enjoy 'proper' sports:)

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the last option might have suited you then!

i'm P3 then the front page, then work my way thro to the centre chuck-out pages, then to the agony column, then the motors (if it's friday), then in the bin!

TV was so bad the other day, that i watched premier football or some such, and it wasn't too bad, plenty of action, nearly goals, etc., then it ended after 15 minutes and i realised it was the highlights. so maybe that's the answer, football in highlights for 15 mins now and then! and 'No Angels' on CH4 for the rest of the time!!!

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