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hmm sounds like an advert

Anyway.. I use this at work.. not at home yet but will do

Voice over IP calls that sound better than normal phone calls.

And its free to call and use this software.. all you need is a headset and a sound card.

can also have up to 5 people in the call

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i used to use this technology back in 97... its much more advanced now.. but then again i had a 56k modem then

MSN used to have free voice over IP until they caught on people were abusing it... apparently calls to mobiles in the states was free if you called whithin the states.. so i used to connect to the server in the states and my calls to a mobile were free... i could also connect to land lines and I had a great time of free telephony as my company was dealing with companies in the states.

My company phones bills were very low until they cottoned on :(

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