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hi guys can anyone help me,ive got a 93 ls400 and for the last week or so it has lost power,wont pick up evey well.It kicks down ok but then changes up before ive got past anything.Ive not got much faith in lexus norwich so i dont want to take it there any thoughts would be gladly taken on board.Cheers

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Hi not a expert on these here ls400 yet,but it could be a number of things...

Dirty fuel filter or a bad batch of fuel from the pertol station etc...

When was it last serviced?

Did it loss power in the car next day and it was like it? or when you were driving it,ok one minute,playing up the next?

Could like i say be a number of things..

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blocked injectors (try that STP product for 12 quid which you add to petrol and it cleans the engine), blocked air filter(again, you can replace yourself), spark plug(s) need replacing (should be replaced every 5 years/60k). That's all I can think of now. However, you make it sound transmission related too. How long ago was the transmission fluid replaced?

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hi guys thanks for the ideas, plugs were changed 20k ago,ive tryed the injector cleaner.One more thing to throw in the car is dual fuel and it runs bad on both lpg and petrol so i dont think its the fuel filter(anyway where is the fuel filter) as for the transmision fluid i cant tell u when it was last changed would that effect the performance

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Same problem happened to me. Bought some spark plugs and took to garage.

Can`t speak highly enough of Roys Motor Co in Norwich. Lexus/Toyota dealer and great service. Problem cured. Not saying that this is a cure for your car, but pm me and i will give you the number.

(another member in Norwich, Race ya round the ringroad!!!)

Good luck mate :ph34r:

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When my Mk4, 130k miles, was in for service last I asked the technicians to check why it felt down on power. They did the following:

1. changed the throttle position sensor (sometimes unreliable on LS400's; I was sure it was on its way out as i was previously getting jerky slow speed gear changes)

2. cleaned carbon deposits around throttle butterfly

3. adjusted slack in accelerator cable

........and the car felt so much faster afterwards.

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