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Rear Fog Light/brake Light Mod - Problem


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hello all!

i've had this mod (where the fog lights act as brake lights) for about 12 months now.. its been working fine..


it appears that my right fog light does not work now.. its not the bulb, as ive tested for that... all other lights work fine..

please can anyone help me with this..?

my right rear lightbulb burnt out last week. ive since replaced the bulb which contains the brake filament too..

not sure if this is connected to the current problem.. but there you go..

how can i go about fixing this little winking prob!!?

many many thanks in advance!!


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thanks for the reply..

i cannot remember the capacity of the diodes. but i used the exact ones that were posted on the instruction page (from the workshop pages).. so i'm certain i'm using the correct ones "as instructed"..

however, ive not used a separate power source.. i followed the instructions to a T,, and simply tapped into the tail light brake cable..

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1. are all ur other lights working correctly

2. have you checked ALL of the bulbs with a meter ( they might look ok but may be blown)

3. check the connections you have made - are they good

4. have u checked the diodes have blown

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