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Halfway Hid

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Last week I got another pair of Philips Blue Vision HB3 (9005) bulbs, which i converted to fit in the HB4 (9006) socket. So now I have 65 watts and 1700 lumen of light instead of a mere 55 Watts and 1100 Lumen. And it shows!

Look here on the German forum for the pics.

About blinding oncoming traffic, the brightness of the dipped beam is somewhere between standard and HID brightness (3200 lumen). The headlamp remains in its right adjustment. No oncomers have complained, and it looks like it is not as blinding as the real HIDs, on the level. What the thing HID lights have though is auto levelling, so you won't blind anyone crossing a (speed)bump. That it won't do of course and that makes it illegal. The bulb have the E and DOT approval though, so it won't be obvious a high beam light is used in the dipped beam.

Not bad for 25 quid, I think.



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