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I am having an idea... but i will need a +12V feed from under the dash tray...

Now, I would prefer a switched feed, but the key point is I want it to be as easy to get to as possible..

So, after taking the dash tray out, is there a 12V feed I can 'tap' without too much hassle?

I will also need the ground.. so can anyone point me to the correct wires (colour as well please).. thanks.

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You can take an IGN switched 12v+ off the back of the cigg lighter, as for an earth, a ring terminal under one of the gear lever bolts works for me!!


Or did you mean the top dash tray where the sat nav should be?


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Can you get at the loom going into the back of the clock/heater control panel without taking the radio out :unsure:

There will be a permanent and switched live there for the clock.

Just a thought.

Gavin :)

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