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Suggestion For The Next Scottish Meeting

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Every year we hold a ride and drive event called ‘Open Road’.

I was thinking that someone might want to arrange a meeting at the event I am holding on the 4th of August at Dundas Castle, which is very close to the south end of the Forth Bridge.

I would be delighted to send an invitation to anyone who would like to come along. You will get the chance to drive the full range, try the reversing camera and drive the RX off-road(ish).

If you want to arrange a meeting, the day is split into 3 parts 10.30 - 13.00, 13.00 - 15.30 and 15.30 - 18.00, so you will need to co-ordinate the timings.

Please email me at if you would like me to send you an invitation, regardless of an LOC meeting happening.


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I did the openroad in Oxford last year, absolutley fantastic...

read about it here

Okay, here is my report from today's Open Road at Oxford...

Well arrived, and was given the keys to the LS430 straight away. I have to say, I wasn't sure about this one, after all, it is one HUGE car, and the course was through a small town and some narrow Oxfordshire lanes...

WHAT A SURPRISE, this car is ace! it is SO manuverable, I missed a turning, and easily did a 3-point turn. This huge luxury barge manages to feel smaller on the outside than it is, and it is one of the most comfortable drives I have ever had... The toys are great, especially the 'cooling' seats.

Mrs Mop really liked the massaging rear seats...

The LS felt very quick and agile... but after you really could drive the length of the country in it and feel as refreshed as when you got in.

Then onto what I was looking forward to the SC430, roof down.. and well... the engine is great, and 'top down' motoring was fun... the car was fast, and handled okay, but on the narrow twisty lanes the front wheels seemed to bounce and pull you it different directions... definatly more of a cool cruiser than an all-out sports car.

Next came the GS430 Sport, looks great, goes like a rocket, and handled very well.. probably my best drive of the day. I really would have one of these..  :D  :D  

I was grinning from start to finish, a great all rounder, for comfort/ride and performance/handling. :wub:

The last car of the day was the RX300, firstly the parking camera... fantastic, so useful!

Secondly the Off-road course.. suspension set on High, following the route.. some deep ruts, and.. bang-crash... and it had bottomed out. On road, I didn't have the confidence to push it through the corners, and although it felt stable, I found myself being very careful.

A big thumbs up to Lexus Hospitality.. very welcoming, coffee and cakes, and no sales pressure what so ever!

A fun day was had, and the LS has to come top for toys, followed by the GS for fun...

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Funny you should mention! I was just thinking about this the other day, wondering if there was going to be such an event this year.

Missed last year due to being in France on hols but bought my first RX at the open day the year before.

Would love to come again Ian, I can see the 'meeting' appearing in my diary already, will you have a trial RX400H be then?


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