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TRL Performance

Vsc / Trac And Dtc 19

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JZS161 Aristo V300 Vertex

I keep getting VSC, TRACand Engine Check light on and when I grab the fault codes it's fault code 19 which is Throttle Pedal Position Sensor.

I measured the sensor and only get a reading from ONE of the variable resistor paths. The other is open circuit. It's drives O.K. and then under breaking and steering the VSC lights up and goes into limp home mode.

I've also notice the brake feels weird. It brake really well right until the car is about to come to rest when the pedal just falls to the floor. A bit alarming.

Anyone recommend anything else it could be. I think maybe the ABS side of things is a bit suspect? Almost like the ABS isn't able to modulate the pressure from the master cylinder or something? Take your foot off and back on and the pedal feel resumes as it should.

Under heavy breaking the ABS does kick in and stops on a knife edge.

Anyone know of a VVTi Supra or Aristo V300 being broken or do you have some Parts for sale?

I think I need a throttle pedal position sensor for the Lexus V300 Vertex

It's the same part on the Altezza, Aristo, NA Supra and TT tiptronic Supra.

NOTE this is NOT the throttle POSITION sensor it IS the PEDAL sensor. The one connected to the cable on the throttle body. So on the left of the throttle body (when viewed from the front of the engine)

It's electronically linked via a magnetic clutch to the actual throttle control motor.



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