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It has now been a month since I took delivery of my Rx300.

I cannot praise the car enough :shifty: apart from the paint job.

I have been told that due to new Euro regulations the paint has changed from oil to water based, this has the effect of making the finish less robust.

After a month of uneventful driving I now have more stone chips and blemishes than 4 1/2 years of driving my RAV4

Dose this sound correct to you :question:

I have been advised by my dealer (Lexus Hatfield) that a "Chip Guard" type coating might be the answer, any experience of this, and do we have a Gold discount on this type of product.

My thanks in advanced for any help you can give

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The paint is a problem. Other manufacturers are using water based paints now and don't have this problem. The clear coat on top is normally still oil based and should provide the protection.

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as colin said.........

BMW had the same problem.........after numerous complaints they went back to 2pac paint....

as did VAG group, and mercedes..............

come on Toyota, sort your act out :angry:

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i had paint guard put on my last lexus. I have to say it is the biggest waste of money!

I was told it would guard against scratches but wouldn't really help against stone chips.

In truth it doesn't work at all and i was horrified to see my month old car covered in scratches after it was washed at the gym i use.

This meant three things to me:

1. wash my own car and don't be so lazy!

2. black lexus paint is no good.

3. paint guard is rubbish and gives a false sense of security.

Oh yeah, according to the dealer it causes problems if you try to t-cut the scratch. So you're stuck! Lame!

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