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Help - Aol Problem After Adding Norton

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Hi All,

This is TwoTone's big brother here and I have a technical problem which Mark (2Tone) suggested I bring to your attention.

Just installed Norton Anti-Virus on my laptop (XP, Office 2000) and now cannot get AOL to connect. It dials up, looks looks like it connects and then instantly throws me back out.

Any ideas on how I should customise Norton to allow AOL to run properly?



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I have Norton and it works fine on most things, however if I install new software or need to update my web site I have to turn it off, as it will not work.

Try turning it off before using AOL and see if that sorts the problem,then turn it back on again once you have log on

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Could be it doesn't like the homepage .......... try changing that in tools /internet options / general.

If it's not tkat it could be one of the virus going around. The sasser one shuts things down. I guess you would have to shut down ie when/if it loads then update virus definitions. Also try a search for sasser on your hard drive.

Say hi to Mark :)

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Can's wait for my AOL broadband to expire in 4 months, go with something else..

You want to see the list of my problems....

8 phone calls, 6 BT line checks 6 weeks later, like I told them the first day... A replacement modem finally... Oh and no compensation for non use for 6 weeks.. !

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Wouldn't have thought NAV would affect anything like that - have you deinstalled it to see if that works? Maybe it's not NAV causing the problem so that would at least confirm it

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Sounds like you have a virus!

Its called AOL! Similar to the one that has just changed its name, used to be called Freeserve!

Rebuild your PC.. tis the only way!

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