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Hello people

The vehicle in question is a GS300 MKII on a 98 reg.

I have just converted to LPG, but the petrol gauge is still moving as if it using petrol.

I have spoke to the garage who did the conversion and he has assured me that the car is not using petrol at same time as LPG.

What he does say is that the petrol gauge is moving electronically based on mpg and miles run and not by taking a reading of amount petrol in the tank.

I half filled the tank a couple of days ago and topped it up to check and it it took another half, thus confimring the garages advice.

Is this so can any you confirm that the petrol gauge works this way.

Thank you




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The LPG is kept in a different tank to your petrol, so the sensors for the petrol gauge will surely be reading the contents of the petrol tank.

It is unlikely that the gas tank is the same size as your petrol tank, so the gauge would need to be re-calibrated by some sort of electrical jiggery-pokery when flicked from petrol to gas.

My motor has a seperate LED gauge which kicks-in when flicked over, and also indicates which fuel you are running on.

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