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Will be having my air con serviced on my 92 ls 400 in the near future.Does anyone know if there is a filter to replace.I am aware that on some cars the filter is located at the back of glovebox.Have looked in handbook but no info.Sorry if this has been asked before.

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The link below should give you all the info (prices and model #)

If the link doesn't work then heres the info:

Available Parts: Online Price

88880-50010 - Filter Cabin (requires 2) $44.23

The filter should be located behind or below the glovebox, I'm not sure. I need to change mine this week. I doubt the filters have been changed on my 90 LS400 since the day it was bought so I'm looking forward to the clean air.

You can probably only get the filter through a Lexus dealership (?) and they should be able to tell you where and how to install it if they're cool like my dealership.

I'd think that changing these filters is a definite must and is probably overlooked by a lot of people.

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Had my 93 LS400 air con done last night and blokey pulled out a filter from the back fo the glovebox and said, "you need one of these." It was full of dust and black. He reckons they should be light grey or white.

Is this not a pollen filter then? Interestingly I did phone the local Toyota garage for a price, and even with the chassis number he told me my car hasn't got one. He asked me to bring it in!!

Air con blokey only pulled out one though - did you say there should be two?

Late - just checked the hyperlink and mine don't look like that. This is shown to be in the glovebox, but I only have a little glovebox and an airbag. We removed the panel underneath and the filter slots vertically into it's housing (two wing nuts). It's not square either.

Air con bloke left it out and suggested I don't bother replacing it if I ain't got hey fever.

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