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Need A Garage (service Centre) Ipswich

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I just bought a 1995 Soarer GT (V8)

It was suposed to be "Immaculate" But it is far from it.

I need to find a garge that can help me with trouble shooting/ repairing the Active suspension..... It worked for 30 minutes and it was an absolute high.

A press of a button turned my Soarer from a big floaty car into a tight well tuned sports car.

It died shortly afterwards.

Also, I need the Cd changer checked out.

The local lexus/toyota dealers don't want to touch it.

Please help...


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Could try Bristos who used to be toyota / lexus dealer (now renault)

Some of their techs moved with the franchises but might be lucky.

Also they opened a service centre on the entrance to Hadleigh Rd ind estate.

One of the ex Lexus techs (Chris) went there. Maybe he can advise.

Only other thing i can think is ask the dealers who sell jpn imports.

Peter Brown on felixstowe rd and Mayfields wherever they are now.

Maybe they have someone to deal with things they can't handle ?

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A couple of other thoughts ...

A friendly garage with chaps who know about cars... and mending them.

Rather than just follow flowcharts in manuals and lost if it involves anything more.

Brands garage, High Rd, Trimley St Mary. Worth popping along to see them.

I'd say mention i sent you but they might shoot me next time i see them :)

Oh and a clever auto electrics guy - name escapes me... Gavin possibly ?

Marine + Auto electrics. Looks like they're on Elton Park Ind Est now, Hadleigh Rd.

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Why not try warrior motor sport on claydon inds. est. Tel. 01473 831521

ask for simon. He does my aristo twin turbo and is well set up for all jap import performance cars. Even got diagnostic computer for all jap imports. Handy as lexus cant read all import cars.

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