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I was out in my Nice clean Baby ( LEXUS) Yesterday, with the Ealing Wembley………………….Time to go home…

When I met an OLD Driver how I here you say……well I will tell you…..

- at small junction doing a right

- first lane cars moving from right to left ( clear ) so came out..

- waiting with my car nose out …..

- along comes a Micra …no more the 5mph ……and car behind him.

- By this time I am waiting for the car to go pass or give me way……

- NO NO NO he had other ideas… wife at the back told me his going to hit

- I am still stopped……then BANG !” !

- I got out of the car – with eyes popping out!!!! The F****** B…. :tsktsk:

I asked him what happened – he replied “I did not see you “!!! HELLO

I have a Lexus you have a micra !!!! and the is was 13.50 sunning day…..!

O top of that – he comes out and says I am over 65!!” – AND theirs more

He has to put a sound box to his neck to here him talk!!

WHY O WHY did ‘not he just stopped?

He smashed my wheel/side bumper/front bumper…..and my love for my car.!!

No photos yet……

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Sorry to hear the news mate, hopefully she'll be good as new soon.

At least you're all okay.

I've had experiences with drivers not taking much notice but to be fair they've been all sorts of ages.

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really sorry to hear that. similar thing happened to me about a month ago when another old guy just reversed into the front of my car

wouldn't just put it down to old people, just too many :tsktsk: drivers on the road with no one doing anything about it

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Maybe they should look at recertifications every couple of years to help keep people in shape.

Truth be told I'm more confident than when I passed my test but I wouldn't be surprised If I'd fail nowadays as you develop slack habits over the years and a recertification process would keep these in check

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As a biker, you just expect the worst from anyone, no matter the age! If he cant spot a Lexus, then what chance is there he would see a bike? Some people just shouldnt be on the roads! :driving:

It does seem a few people have been hit recently, I am beginning to wonder if someone is on a mission to knock back the number of them on the road? Well a few of you said you dont like the fact they are becoming too popular now, come on, own up ya buggers! :lol:

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thank's guys - for your remarks.......

my Ins Co. has informed me that it wil be a joint fault.........! odd...

even that i was not moving at all..and he drove into me!!!

i also stated that if my car was a person & had his/her leg cut off

who's fault would it be -

answer - both !!!

any way - the car will be repared by my Ins Co. with no cost to me....

thats great.......

when .... that's what i am thinking about.....i miss my car...

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any way - the car will be repared by my Ins Co. with no cost to me....

thats great.......

It will cost you your excess ...

And as it's 'knock 4 knock', your insurance record is tarnished.

One way or another, they WILL get even more premium out of you.

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- Yes i have to pay the excess its ony £100 , not too bad....

but the way they will try to get money out of me via my record .....

i am going to see.....i dont know much about that, once you have reached

60% and perteted...

anyone out had this problem - need info...


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It's a shame your car got hit. Hope it comes backs soon.

There was an article last week about how the major cause of road accidents is inattention, not speed. That applies to any age. In fact, if it had been a young guy in a blacked out Fiesta who was listening to music so loudly or on the phone that he doesn't realise he's smacked into the back of you, he might have probably been driving faster!

At the end of the day, consider yourself fortunate that 1.5 tons of steel was damaged and nobody got injured. There are a lot of bad accidents that happen out there. We all have to be careful.

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My grandfather is 78 and still drives. I've been in a car with him and he has no control whatsoever! He just isn't concentrating on what is going on around him. I wouldn't like to be anywhere near him when he's out in his car (a rover!)

He just pulls out! Pulls over, cuts people up etc, etc. He's downright dangerous! and the number of dings he's had!!

My Dad is a very calm person, but even he won't get in a car with the old boy! We've tried to mention to him that he might like to consider giving up driving, but he just won't have it. The doctor can't stop him as he's fit and well.

He's just too old to be driving on modern roads. I dread to think what he's going to do to himself - or much more importantly the other people on the roads... I can see it now... him killing a young woman with a kid in her car... all becuase he's so determined to drive and won't admit he can't handle it anymore.

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My old man is 80 with his v6 3ltr xm, and just drives just too DAM SLOW!

So he has traffic piled up behind him all the time, and they are passing him all

p*ssed off and crazed. He spends more time looking in the mirror and getting p*ssed off with them.

and mother is shouting at him mind this and mind that, (I will not go with them)

But what can you do????? :shutit:

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