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Hello guys, i wonder if we can solve a wee problem, i think my fron lower ball joint is el'knackered and i don't wanna have to go to lexus for a replacement, but my local store says they are not allowed to sell them, anyone have any idea how i can get them and the price ...

much thanks,

ooh anbd for a laugh i asked a garage this morning for two front brake disks and pads and he say £550.00 so i had a good laugh today :zee:

take care boys Phettu

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you don't need to waste money at a lexus dealer over here.

get the lower ball joints from the US, much cheaper.

Try this site.

They quote $44 for each lower ball joint. That's approx £25! They don't accept foreign credit cards, so probably send them a money order or similar and they'll happily do it. They are not lexus ball joints, but aftermarket parts made to exact spec by a company called beck &arnley. does the same job.

ALternatively, try the link for Sewell Lexus in Dallas, in my suspension post. I think they do genuine Lexus ball joints for about $80 each. You should be able to get pads from them for about £20 a pair, and discs for about £70 each.

Good luck!

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maneesh man

thanks a trunk load, i'll take a look.

it's the price of a regular ****ty cars parts :winky:

thanks once again


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Can't help on the ball joints, but the garage is clearly taking the p*** on brake bits. I had pads all round and front discs done on my Mk.III LS400 at the last service. List price (at least according to Lexus Birmingham) is only £235.70, inc.VAT; take off my LOC members's discount, and that becomes £212. Even including labour, brake fluid etc etc, Lexus Birmingham did all the work for under £450, so £550 is well out of order.

If you want to get the bits yourself, check Front discs and pads for my 400 are around £180 inc.VAT, or an extra thirty quid for upgraded pads.



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