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Blue Lights...update..

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Well people, its been a while since ive updated on my blue lights project..

So ive settled on what im gona use for the speedo cluster.. tried over methods but this is the best and easiest method i have found, but it looks slightly purple.. Although im waiting for a kit form Lextasy which looks good in the pictures and im hoping will be as good in the flesh..

The radio is easy peasy,,, in the picture you will see 3 shades of blue, this is just me experimenting still with various types of LED, claim to be blue, but blue aint always blue..especially when its gota go through the white backing of the lettering on the gauges. i'llsettle on a colour once the main cluster colour is know, then i can try and match up the also gona make the radio display part green..

Sat Nav Controler, again is easy and complet but again final blue is yet to be settled upon.

Sat Nav open/close and tilt button is again easy to do and i have made thiis green aslo,, you can see this at the top of the picture.

The drivers side window buttons and door lock button is also an easy task and is complete, subject to final shade of blue.

Seat heater switched etc, are a bugger to do so im not yet..

A/C cluster is tricky to do due to the need of getting the leds to fallupon the light guides correctly,, this picture shows the shade of blue i would prefer to go for..

the picture also makes it look liek the left hadn side of the fan direction gauge is dull, in the flesh however its the same brightness as the rest of the cluster.

Ive also made the leds within the 3 knobs green, this part is easy to do.

also ive had a go at doing the clock green, this is bloody hard as you end up with spotting and in my research i managed to crack the dispaly a bit.. man the trouble i go to for you lot eh lol..

i got a video to load (5mb) but gallery aint letting me (admin any help pleae)

The greens really dont come out well on the pictures but they are a real deep green.

picture 1

picture 2

picture 3 taken on a longer exposure

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Looks good Fargo, I remember when my dad picked up his new Golf in 2000 and it was the first time I had seen the dash lights, very kewl. Much better than Orange.

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The greens really dont come out well on the pictures but they are a real deep green.

Blue to match my reverse lights etc, and green for my car colour!!! perfeck! :winky:

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Am i remembering this correctly ??  These are the ones for 25quid off ebay  :P

Sorry but someone had to... and it might as well be me  :oops:  :iraqi-info-minister:

Coat i'll my get  :unsure:

ALways one aint there lol.... i'll strike you off teh list then eh... :P

scallie ive added you to msn.. i'll be back later if your on line..

the video i hope willshow the colours a little better..

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