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Front Fogs?

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Put the wheels on left or right lock and pull out the plastic retaining clips on the wheel arches. Then pull the liners out as much as needed

If your planning to tint them your need this: link

Or to take them apart put them on a choppingboard in the oven for a few minutes

...nice sig :winky:

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2 no bolts accessed through air duct next to lights

undo then try and pull them out , it is quite tough

if they wont come out with a bit of gentle persuasion

then you will have to undo the wheel liner (easy job)

there is a retaining clip on the side of the fog light unit which just needs to be prised clear

then they will pull out from the front

beware: that it is best to unplug the wiring whilst in situ ,as there isnt much slack on them, although it is possible to pull them out a bit then squeeze a small hand behind them

you will find that once the side clip has been released once, that the units will pull out from the front easier next time


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RedLexus.......... didn't get a manual with the car which is a sore point........... I am still chasing the :tsktsk: er in Denis Mahony's for it! :duh:

Whitie........... thanks again for the siggi help (can't have you being the only "arty" type with your "Sherwood Forest" scenes) :winky:

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