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I cancelled my order for an X3 after reading several negative reports; my Rx300 SE is due in 6 days B)

I must say I'm pretty pleased with the decision having seed an X3 today but the wife's disappointed as she likes the X3.

What I'm looking for is confirmation I've made the right decision, so what do you think. RX300-SE or BMW X3 2.5?

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Thrupennybit - I don't know anything about the the X3 but I have had my RX 300 SEL for two weeks now and it is a dream. The list of included extras is unending (unlike any BMW) and the build quality/finish is faultless.

I am stationed in Germany and the Germans don't do anything less than BMW or Merc, however, I have seen the sly looks of envy. :winky:

Reassure the wife when she gets her :tsktsk: into that RX 300 she will know that you made the right choice.


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well most people don't even know why the x3 was made - nearly the same size as the X5 and less talented. Great. oh not to mentioned over priced!

The RX 300 wins every time. The cost of specing up an X3 to the level of an rx would be silly.

I recently read an article comparing the X3 with an RX, a volvo xc90 and a freelander. Even the freelander, which is a much older vehicle (and way cheaper)came out better than the X3!

Rest assured, you definitely made the right decision!

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Summarised from the Lexus Website:

The Lexus RX300 3.0 V6 24v SE-L 5dr sports utility vehicle has the following advantages over the BMW X3 2.5i SE 5dr sports utility vehicle :

Comfort :

Electric tilting/sliding sunroof

Heated door mirrors

Leather seat upholstery

Audio player includes cassette

Audio player disc autochanger

11 speakers

Front seats with adjustable lumbar support

Electrically adjustable front seats

Heated front seats

Remote boot/hatch/rear door release

Electric boot/hatch pull down

Remote fuel flap release

Front reading lights

Navigational system

Door mirror position memorised adjustment

Steering wheel position memorised adjustment

Wood or woodlook luxury trim on dashboard

Wood or woodlook luxury trim on doors

Vehicle speed proportional power steering

Electric adjustment steering wheel


Height adjustable front seat belts

Automatic operation rear view mirror

Rain sensor windscreen wipers

High pressure headlight cleaners

Exterior ;

18 in wheels

V tyre rating tyres

Body colour bumpers

Body colour door mirrors

Roof spoiler

HID headlights

Automatic suspension levelling


Air suspension

V configuration engine

9 more horsepower

1.3 gal larger fuel tank

Automatic transmission with multiple modes

Automatic transmission with torque lock-up

Electronically controlled automatic transmission

Manual mode - auto only transmission

175 mm longer

200kg higher braked gross trailer weight

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