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Over Filling With Oil

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i know this is a novice question but ill ask anyway.

what happens if one over fills their engine with oil.

e.g. some one wants to change their oil but did not drain out the old oil. instead they just poured a new bottle of oil into the engine along with the old oil.


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simple answer is that they would have to much oil in their engine :duh:

what to do: drain it out

what not to do:attempt to drive it


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Depends how much you overfill.

Could foul the spark plugs making it misfire.

Increase in crankcase pressure will force some oil into the intake, fouling the throttle body before being burnt causing blue smoke from exhaust.

Excess oil could leak out of seals and gaskets and, if pressure gets very high, could even blow a seal.

Crankshaft may come into contact with the excess oil which causes strain on the engine and reduces mpg.

Crankcase could foam up the excess oil which could reduce oil pressure and cause oil starvation to the engine.

Basically it's not a good idea to overfill your engine!

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