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Switch Illumination

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this may be usefull to those people who have a soarer with blown lamps in thier switches i can only relate to a V8 but i'm sure that 2.5 tt and 32,s are similar

having got a pwr/ norm switch which had lost its illumination i decided to take it apart to find out the type of lamps etc ,this was the most difficult part after removing the switch from the centre consul , i prised the switch apart using two small screw drivers , and found wire ended lamps which are wound onto bayonet caps which in turn are twisted into the base of the switch .

i found some almost identical lamps at maplin , wire terminal type BTX 43 W 12v

life expectancy 16,000 hrs , they cost 49p ea

unwrap the original lamp from the bayonet holder, replace with the new lamp ,cover with the blue condom cover and bingo new lamp , screw into place and reassemble switch, incidently do both lamps .

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Good stuff. On a similar thought does anyones shakey or fold mirror buttons light up, mine dont and not sure if they are supposed to.

<--- Whats this warning thing avout?

Carlos, hows tricks, you going to be at Billing?

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the shakey button only lights up when it is operating with the lighting switch on , the mirror retract button does'nt light at all .

most of the other buttons in the door handle illuminate with the lighting switch on .

the panel comes out quite easily as it is only clipped in at each end so prise the nearest end to the rear of the door gently upwards and it should lift up and if necessary do the same at the other end

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by the way the warny thing suddenly appeared on my postings and has been there ever since ,hav'nt a clue what its all about ,but i try not to be a bad boy???????????????

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Thanks for the info,

I changed all the lights in the dash and control display with various bulbs from, you've gused it, Maplins.

I recently paid around six quid for bulbs from Mr T for my Celica, an absolute rip off! :angry:

I'd advice anyone to check Maplins website for any bulbs that need to be replaced, they just need the wires wrapped around the current burlb holder.

The service guy said that he gets a lot off Lexus owners in looking for bulbs and components!

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I assume the warning is there for the warn about bad posts! Hopefully you are still on 0% Mart :P

I'm applying for job at my companies new store as I type! At St. Albans! So I may be seeing more of you Mart :D

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