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Need Your Help About Dvd/sat Nav For Rx300

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Hello to everybody!

I am a new here. Sorry about my English. So recently i bought Lexus RX300 1999, it is great car. I love it.

I bought my one with no DVD, no GPS, almost standart one. I thingk for my year there are no this options. I know that it is possible to buy somewhere a screen instead of my one (i have just simple one with only TEMP, AUDIO INFO, TIME - LCD screen which can not no way to be used as a tv screen). So i am looking for the screen and probably some electrical module to install it instead of my one and have possibility to use it like i am using my one now (to show all info about TEMP, RADIO and etc) + to use it like a TV SCREEN. May be also it is possible to have GPS inside or something else. I want to know about this everything. I am electrical engeneer, so if for example for my year there is no exist nothing like this, but for some 2000 or 2001 year it is exist, probably i can connect it. I thingk that it will have standart size for my DASH board. I need just a video in connector to which i can connect my DVD player. I tried to find something like this on ebay, i so it long time before but now nothing like this. If you can help me and just point me where i can find some info about this SCREEN IN DASH INSTEAD MY ORIGINAL ONE. Thank you very much. My email is: and i am in Canada

Regards Vlad

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