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Hey - thanks - got mine just now - nice one.

Do we still get new cards too - or do I have to carry the mug around to get discount ? :ph34r:

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New cards are being developed.. I know some have been waiting a while but Wosket can vouch for me on this.

Just need to get them sent to the printers

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Thanks Steve, I recieved mine today also.

My missus thought the parcel was something else I'd bought for the car. Got a few nasty stares until I let her open the box.

A very nice surprise, thanks again.

BTW I didn't tell her it had cost me £25 quid membership renewal. :ph34r::lol:

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it should have been with you today pete... give the postie some stick!

Aaahhh....that'll explain the card dropped through the letter box then,and i thought it was the other thing i've ordered... :winky: :winky:

Club mugs,excellent gift from a fine car club.....i feel honoured.

Cheers LOC.

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