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Do you get your car serviced by lexus?  

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  1. 1. Do you get your car serviced by lexus?

    • Yes, I want that lexus stamp in my log book
    • I use a different garage but still get a stamp
    • I do it myself, don't get a stamp

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Just to see who does what. Could do mine myself but had last two at lexus. Thinking of going to a different garage for next ones to save a few quid but still get a stamp (non lexus tho)

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I see by the poll that most people want that stamp.

This concerns me a little now that my cars out of warranty. I would like the service book stamping by a Lexus dealer but don't particulally want to take it to one. This isn't about the cost of servicing but more about the mechanics skills.

I know an Ex Lexus mechanic who used to work at my dealers, and he has told me that there isn't anyone there who has served their time on Lexus vehicles and that they have been told by their workshop manager that part of the service is to give them a good road test afterwards... :o

Not F***ing Likely Mr Lexus dealer.

I don't want some spotty 17 year old YTS lad servicing my car then thrashing the t*t's off the supercharger. :angry:

Glad that's out of my system.... sorry :blush:

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It's a tricky issue

My car is well out of warranty, and the mileage is so high that the resale value would not be affected much by me not using Lexus, but mostly I think about the parts.

I took the car to an independent to have the brake discs changed - a caliper pin broke off and the car was off the road for 2 days while I got a new one from Lexus.

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